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Working 1:1 with me is the fastest way to achieve the MASSIVE results that you have been craving. 

We will deep dive in to your subconscious mind and rewire the beliefs, patterns and thoughts loops that are creating your external reality. The fastest way to create a new external reality is to recreate your inner reality. That means diving in to the ways that you think, react and behave on an unconsious level. Our unconsicosu mind is in the the driver's seat around 95% of the time! So if our unconscious blueprints around money, wealth, business and lifestyle are not supportive to what we actually desire to create, it can sometimes feel (and be) impossible or at least VERY difficult to create change. 

Over the last decade I have been working and training extensively in the fields of kinesiology, embodiment, tantra, kundalini, NLP, psychology, business, marketing and sales. I use a combination of all of the tools and techniques to help you land deeply and safely in your body and access the information stored in your unconscious mind and help you to gently rewire it. 

The nature of this work can sometimes be triggering, however I don't believe that we necessarily always need to have a huge emotional process and comepletly wipe out or nervous system to effect change and transformation. So my intention for you as we journey together is to hold a space that is calming, nourishing and loving as well as making room for the big emotions and big processes. 

I look forward to journeying with you my love.

xx Sari


Wealth Clear

In my signature 60min wealth clear we will deep dive in to your subconscious beliefs, behaviours and thought patterns around wealth, money, receiving and greatness. As a spiritual entrepreneur, healer, coach or artist it is imperative that we clear up our relationship to money and wealth in order to nourish ourselves, our clients and have the impact that we desire. Enough scarcity and lack, it's time to step in to abundance, overflow and ectasy. Money doesn't have to be hard



Aurum means gold in latin. 

Imagine injecting your life with liquid gold. 

Every aspect... dripping in the golden nectar of life force itself. 

In this 3 month intensive we work together weekly 1:1 clearing emotional patterns and beliefs connected to wealth, health, purpose and expression to deeply nourish your soul and body. This is a program for the individual committed to completely pivoting their wealth paradigm and financial reality.

12 x 1:1 60min sessions working through the chakras and ancestral lineage clears.

Due to the deep nature of this work, the program is application only, please book a discovery call to inquire about the next round starting October 10

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