This 90min wealth masterclass is designed to identify collective patterns and beliefs around wealth, money, finances and integrity that are affecting your current health and wealth reality.


Robert Kyosaki says "Wealth is not money, it is time. How much time would you be able to not work for and continue to live at your current lifestyle?".


This is a follow up masterclass from the first WDMB session in March and has been created with the intention to help you see how every action you do or don't take right now is affecting your future reality.


We will be working with kinesiology, NLP practices, embodiment techniques and cognitive therapeutic practices to delve in to several key areas of wealth and health.


This is a holistic masterclass that take a rounded approach to wealth encompassing health, emotional well being, mental state, time freedom and energetic alignment.


Are you constantly struggling to make ends meet?

Sick of your saving account being a 0?

Never have enough time to spend doing the things that make your heart sing?

Want more freedom to create and live from a place of alignment and heart centred peace?


We will combine spiritual practices with real world, tangible applications so that by the end of this 90min group session you will have released several detrimental belief patterns and cognitive loops, identified practices that contribute to more wealth of time, money and energy and feel centred and grounded in your current reality with the full knowing that you are experiencing a cosmic leap in to another.





4 x fortnightly $22