Embodied photoshoots for the Raw, Wild & Rebellious Leader.


Being an embodied leader and healer in 2022 is more about transmitting your raw, unfiltered truth than ever. 

In a world that pushes and pulls us every which way away from our centre, standing in integrity and in alignment with purpose and knowing is more important than it's ever been before. 

As the world around us is shifting, breaking, roiling and ascending, it is the time for us to step forward and reveal ourselves unapologetically. 

I believe that an image captured in raw embodiment has the power to transmit your essences, your message and your purpose. 

This is why when Alchemy Unleashed came to me, I knew that it was the way forward for healers, leaders, coaches and spiritual business owners. 

A way for them to step more deeply than ever in to their purpose through a series of embodiment practices, clearing any resistance that make come up and revealing themselves and their transmission. 

As we journey together in these photography experiences, I will guide you through embodied arts, kinesiology and NLP to connect more deeply with the core essence of who you are and why you are here, capturing those images for you to use potently in your branding, social media and imagery. 

If a photo speaks a thousands word, what words do you want to speak to your audience?

What alchemy is waiting to be unleashed in you?

What piece of your magic is waiting to burst forth and heal yourself and your clients? 

I know you're ready, so lets make this happen.

PS: you do not have to have a business to work with me, these shoots are also for individuals who desire a deeper connection with their personal transmission, self-love and wild side.


This one hour photoshoot is the perfect starting place if you are unsure of what it means to embody your magic and land more deeply in your power. We will work with some basic embodiment principles to land you deeply in to your body and unleash the latent magic just waiting to burst forth.

60 min in a single location + 20 digital images

This two hour rewinding photoshoot is perfect for you to dive deeply into the embodiment of who you are and what you are creating and bring forth the magic of your impact, purpose and creation. We dive in to an embodiment practice, clear some key concepts around wealth, expression and purpose and emerge a wildly embodied leader. ​

2 hours and up to two locations + 30 digital images

Insurgence Vector.png

This half day photoshoot is an embodied experience of what it means to journey your own magic and land deeply in the essence of your transmission. This shoot is for individuals, couples or businesses who are ready to take themselves and their brand to the next level. Insurgence means rebellion and this experience is a rebellion against everything you thought you kew about business, spirituality and branding. Over 4 hour we will journey deeply, moving through any limiting beliefs, blockages or uncertainties around your business, purpose or brand. 

Half day (4 hours) in up to 3 locations + 45 digital images

Hi, if you have questions or any idea for a shoot but aren't quite sure which option to choose, please fill out the form below and I will be in touch with you soon.

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