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Actualize your hearts desires & revolutionise your relationship with wealth.

This is for the revolutionary who is ready to take MASSIVE ACTION on creating the lifestyle they desire and DESERVE - because you deserve EVERYTHING you desire. 

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This is the third round of my signature embodied wealth intensive that helps you go from broke, burnt out and bored to abundant, embodied, confident and creating the lifestyle of your WILDEST DREAMS.

My love, the fact that you're here reading this means that something has stirred in you, a part of you that is not longer energetically available for scarcity, lack or deficiency. You are ready to take your wealth reality to the next dimension and call forth the embodied wealth you deserve and desire. You are ready to hydrate your money stories and experience wealth and abundance in its most nourishing, overflowing, juicy form...

Growing up you probably heard people say things like, "Money doesn't grow on trees" and "Easy come, easy go" or even "Rich people are evil". You see... our unconscious minds are impressionable at all times but most especially in our formative years up to the age of around 7. This is the time that our brains are like sponges, absorbing everything we see and hear around us. What kind of relationship did your parents have with money growing up? How was money spoken about? What did you learn (or not learn) at school about money and wealth? Whether we like it or not, all of this conditioning is deeply embedded in our psyche and plays a huge role in perpetuating the financial reality we find ourselves in as adults UNTIL we decide to change it.

Perhaps you have tried working on your wealth story before, reading personal development books, attending seminars, maybe even hiring accountants and financial experts and YET things don't seem to change. This was me too. I had spent years and $$ investing in my growth and financial reality with little change and felt tired, burnt out and frustrated that nothing seemed to be working. That is until I discovered that it was my own financial blueprint that was setting me up for failure. It wasn't what I was doing externally, it was the thoughts and beliefs I held internally that were sabotaging my conscious efforts. After deep diving in to the realm of kinesiology, neuro linguistic programming and embodiment with a determination to change my entire wealth reality I began to see the shifts I had been craving. I'm not just talking money here.

When I'm talking about wealth I'm talking health, happiness, lifestyle contentment, connection, intimacy, purpose AND money. All of the ingredients that lead to a well rounded, happy, wealthy life. What's the point of having loads of money if you aren't happy? How can you trulybe deeply fulfilled and happy if you are struggling financially? It's a cycle.

WTF is Aurum?

This is your one stop embodied wealth intensive - the place where your hearts desires get to bloom into creation and be actualised in the ways they want to be.


By deep diving into the patterns, stories and beliefs that you are holding around wealth, health, lifestyle, business, sex, boundaries and SO MUCH MORE and clearing and repatterning the beliefs so that you can create from your heart and rewrite the stories in your mind, body and life.

How does it work?

Over 3 months (12 weeks) we journey through the chakras clearing around core themes and concepts related to wealth, sexuality, liberation, creation and lifestyle, releasing old stories and narratives, emotional baggage and ancestral trauma. 

Each week consists of 2 60 min group calls: 1 clearing call and 1 embodiment call. 

Calls are held Mondays & Thursdays at 7pm aest and recordings are always available within 12 hrs. 

You receive journaling prompts, integration tasks and are encouraged to take MASSIVE ACTION on actualising your hearts desires and creating a new reality. 

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The Structure

Layer 1 - Earth Star Chakra


Open channel to earth and clear around themes of abundance, stability.

Layer 2 - Root Chakra 


Open up to a greater level of deserving and trust and rewire connection to scarcity/debt.

Layer 3 - Sacral Chakra


Become ok with receiving money for your gifts and clear relationship to receiving, intimacy and creation.

Layer 4 - Solar Plexus Chakra


Come in to your power, own your boundaries and claim your desires.

Layer 5 - Heart Chakra


Release greed, step in to deeper generosity and connect to love.

Layer 6 - Throat Chakra


Address entitlement and step deeply in to confidence and reconnect with money.

Layer 7 - Third Eye Chakra


Connect with your vision, your freedom and being rich.

Layer 8 - Crown Chakra


Connect with your purpose, greatness and receiving support.

Layer 9 - Soul Star Chakra


Surrender to truth and embody wealth.

Ancestral Line Clear 1

Quantum lineage clear of ancestral line (usually maternal/feminine) in relation to all aspects of wealth, richness & money.

Ancestral Line Clear 2

Quantum lineage clear of ancestral line (usually paternal/masculine) in relation to all aspects of wealth, richness & money.

Final Session

Integration Session and Closing of Container.

What people are saying...

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"Three biggest things would be my mindset around my self-worth and confidence, it’s helped me find versions of myself I lost long ago. It’s helped me integrate more of myself, it’s helped me see myself and others with compassion and grace, it’s helped me see life like that and with it money. It’s helped me realise that money is just energy and it can be fun and doesn’t have to be stressful. I can more comfortably work in the realm of money and manifesting because I feel I have a better sense of it metaphysically and a better sense of the universe. 

Just overall so glad I started my journey of investing in myself through your course 🥰❤️"

Stacey, QLD, Tattoo Studio Owner & Mother of Two.

"Just wow! I don't even know where to begin. 

I started following Sarì a few years ago and felt pulled to work together but I sat back and watched for a while. Then one of my very close friends did the first round of Aurum, I caught up with her and could feel the massive shifts she had made in herself and her life. So then I knew I had to do the next round of Aurum and I'm so Fucking grateful I Did! 

I have had so many amazing shifts in all aspects of myself and my life. 

I have Increased my prices for my offerings
Paid off all my debt 
Attracting new soul clients  
I competed in 2 sports model comp and placed 2nd and 3rd in Australia at the nationals  ( I was shit scared to do this again because I was scared of failing and not being ready, we worked through all the fears and doubts so I was able to show up for myself in dull allignment. 

Released a toxic cycle in relationships that had been ongoing for years.


It's been an amazing journey and I cannot reccomend Aurum enough. 

If you are sitting back and not sure because it feels scary to commit, that's when you know.. you're ready, to face those shadows, show up in your truth and start aligning with who you really are. 

Sarì, thank you for being you and sharing your gifts and light with the world, I am so deeply grateful to have shared this experience with you. "


Lyndsay, NSW, Personal Trainer, Bodyworker, Bodybuilder, Healer.

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"I’m living my dream life, and because of that, my dreams keep getting bigger and better.

Because of Aurum, I have tapped into an endless stream of abundance in my life.

Abundant love, abundant friendship, abundant sex, abundant health, abundant streams of income, abundant opportunity for growth, abundant magick.

Dream home, dream community, dream work, dream friends, dream lovers.

Everything I’ve dreamed of for myself came into my life like an avalanche and I almost couldn’t keep up with the amazement and happiness I felt in my body.

I didn’t realise how in my own way I was, and once I cleared the blocks that were myself, everything I’ve ever wanted caught up to me so that now, I can literally turn my desires into a lived reality within hours.



It doesn’t even feel corny for me to say ‘I get everything I want and more’ because it’s the plain and simple truth to my life now.

And the greatest wealth of all is how true to myself I am. No more bullshit, or being a victim. I don’t play small because I’m a fucking big deal. I’m moving through life with tunnel vision and the only thing I see ahead of me is success."

Rain, NSW, Artist, Bodyworker, Conscious Narcissist, Witch.

"Honoring my sacred yes & embarking on the Aurum adventure w Sari was the one of the best fekkin investments I have made fer meself. My body is just joyfully beaming reflecting on this epic journey. So I've already done a shite ton of embodiment work in coming into my body & pleasure, really focusing in the realm of sexual aliveness which is what I help my clients with, tho my relationship with my business & with money was such a hot juicy mess. I could feel in my Soul that Wealth Creation would be the next area I would need to focus on if I wanted my vision to come to full fruition so I put in an order to the Universe: that I wanted to see someone thriving in the Wealth field who was queer & non binary who also focused on embodiment. & in comes Sari. What a bodacious blessing.I thought I had gone deep when it came to money, tho the money mindset work I had done was surface compared to the depths I traveled with Sari. Before our work together I was still very much operating from a space of scarcity & extreme unworthiness (a huge bulk of that I came to find through the incredibly unique structure of Aurum was ancestral, just fer that this program is so worth investing in) I didn't trust meself & I didn't trust that I could really hold a substantial amount of money which I was proving so brilliantly.

Every session practically I would experience a death of some kind of identity I was holding onto that was preventing me from really opening & receiving money & with every identity that was shed, I began to feel deeper into my roots & the earth beneath my feet just how supported I was to the point where opportunities started coming in. 

I got hired to travel & teach sensual movement at retreats, pole workshops (which one of them practically sold out with little to no marketing whaaaat?), got to work with my first celebrity client (I MEAN....), attracted a soul aligned VIP client as well as witnessing my other clients experiencing breakthroughs in their own money matters. Even my pole classes at the studio I'm teaching at became full & waitlisted regularly where students would be experiencing major breakthroughs in their technique.

I'm now listening even deeper to what my heart was desiring & taking inspired action towards them. I'm letting go of things that do not serve me even more easily without shaming meself in the process. I'm showing up fer my business & my art in more daring,  bolder, & playful ways on social media & really backing up my work feeling so much more embodied in my purpose & the TRUST in meself, in my root has gotten so much more solid. I no longer NEED money. I DESIRE money, fer I AM. MONEY.

All this was made even more possible with having the watchful compassionate epically intuitive eye of Sari who has such a tremendous ability of not only holding you where you're at, but also holding the vision of your highest & greatest even when you canae see it at times. They're like a hawk, they have such a razor sharp way of just going straight fer the core issue of things & really holding you accountable fer what is wanting to be created thru ye. 
I love them & frankly I can go on & on fer hours here tho I feel that if you've gotten this far amidst all the run on sentences, & you're feeling the call, what are you waitin for then? just do the fekking thing & sign up. Just being in Sari's transmission alone is GOLD, SILVER, & all the fine metals combined. 


Natalie, U.S.A, Pole Artist, Teacher & Performer, Embodiment Coach and Sensuality Artist (She/They).

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Sarí! Aurum has been so transformative, it's insane!!! All day I've been noticing how much things have shifted for me. My nervous system is so much more regulated which I am noticing is allowing me to be so much more present with my kids and in life and with my emotions!! 

I also realized i have only had one crazy rage outbursts in the last month when I used to have one like almost everyday!! because of the dense emotions we cleared in Aurum, I am so much lighter and brighter. I feel much more connected to Spirit and to my highest self and path. I have so much more trust in the unfolding of life and I have so much more clarity and direction of how to get where I deeply desire to be in life. I am so grateful for the container you created and for your capacity to hold space and lovingly guide us through some major shifts!! Lots of love thank you so fucking much for this incredibly life changing experience. So much gratitude for you and your work ♡♡♡

Zoe, U.S.A, Floral Artist, Mother of Three.

"My decision to participate in Aurum was a no brainer. 
I had initially started following Sari as they were a mutual friend and their "boss" aesthetic grabbed my attention. I love that their fashion blurs societal gender expectations, gold jewellery,  tattoos and personality that screams, "look at me and listen to what I have to say." I loved the way they genuinely and unapologetically showed up for their life and stood firmly in their integrity. These qualities were intentions I had set for myself at the start of my personal development journey, and I struggled to find life coaches who embodied all of this and who offered what I needed in my life at the time. Sari ticked all the boxes. 

After liking, commenting and sharing a few of their posts, I reached out to Sari to enquire about their wealth clearing offering. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Aurum provided so much more than a list of goals that I absolutely smashed:

clearing 90% of my debt and working out strategies to handle the rest, repairing current and ancestral traumas, having open and healing conversations with people who have hurt me and who I have hurt, buying my first home off the plan (from no money to coming up with a deposit within 2 months), going from no gigs to having regular gigs every weekend, writing and completing songs that will finally appear on my upcoming EP, being accepted into a leadership program at work - the list goes on.

Aurum bestowed the sisterhood I yearned for. I wanted to feel like my life was something worth saving and living for all those years ago when I was depressed. Our 1:1 sessions gently gave me the safe space I needed to rage out, cry, laugh, seduce, play, sexually tease, heal and explore my edges. Aurum helped me to discover my purpose and the bountiful magick I was able to bring to the world through my gifts. At last, I felt celebrated and backed by a champion; an expert in their field, until I finally could back myself. 

I broke free of the shyness and the fear of being successful. I became secure in knowing that my future-self is self-made and is waiting just around the corner for that spiritual handshake. Aurum gave me the freedom and acceptance I needed to feel safe in being seen, heard and loved. 

I couldn't wait to tell everyone I knew about it and I'm so glad I did as Aurum has gone on to help them too!

Personal development is something you really have to make the conscious decision to make the commitment to yourself, and you will definitely get out what you put in. Go in whole-heartedly, honestly and nakedly vulnerable, and Aurum will help you move mountains in your life. 

Thank you for awakening the giant in me Sari - I've only just begun!"

Lauren, NSW, Performing Artist, Vocal Coach, Facilitator.

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Aurum gave me a deeper connection and awareness to the wealth energy in my life as well as helping me get clearer on my vision of where I want my life to be like going forward.


Sari is super open and supportive and is always available for support when needed. If your looking for a life change or upgrade I would definitely recommend this programme.

Rachael, W.A, Registered Nurse, Political Advocate, Burlesque & Belly Dance Performer. 

"The universe dropped Sari in front of me right as I was leading up to transitioning to a complete career change after 26 years in high stress, corporate law. That came with dropping a significant income and preparing to work with my partner. Whilst that has been a dream of mine for years, I knew that transition would be challenging. It was so amazing to work with Sari as they are so supportive and gifted at holding space. I’m not interested in working with anyone who doesn’t walk their talk and they absolutely do. Sari’s values and approach to life is very similar. I am very self driven and open to following my intuition even when it seems crazy but I want to be inspired and motivated by a mentor who is doing the same so that in the times when my faith waivers (which it inevitably will) touching base with Sari was the boost I needed to feel lifted again. I have done a lot of healing work over the last decade


On a wide range of issues, beliefs, traumas and thought patterns that no longer serve me. It still amazed me the old stuff that came up in our sessions but it was so reassuring to know I could clear them quickly each week with Sari and rebalance myself again. I absolutely recommend working with Sari. They helped me cement new, stronger beliefs around money, abundance and living the life I choose which has been invaluable during this career and life transition."

Stacey, NSW, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Ayurvedic Student, Mother of Two. 

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