Ancestral Lineage Clear

Ancestral lineage clears are powerful quantum generational clears between you and your maternal/paternal lineage. Using a kinesiology, NLP and embodiment practices we deep dive into your ancestral baggage and clear the emotions, stories, beliefs and patterns that have been passed down from your ancestors.

This is deep unconscious clearing work and often involves past life recollection, future clears and specific work around an area/s of your life that your body and psyche is holding ancestral weight. 

The clearing is powerful to set you free from patterns and behaviours that you have inherited from your parents, grandparents or ancestor you haven't even met but whose imprint is within your bloodline.

These sessions are generally 60min (but can go up to 90min) and delivered via zoom over two session (usually 1 week apart). We clear both the maternal (feminine) and paternal (masculine) lines (or whatever your parents genders are) and then create integration tasks together for you to take the clears from the session into your daily life. 

Generally my areas of focus are money/wealth, sex/sexuality or love/connection but we can focus on any intention you desire.