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My name is Sari Raeburn and I am deeply passionate about showing you that there is a deeper, more tantalising, ecstatic version of your reality than what we've been taught.

Chances are, you are likely a healer, spiritual entrepreneur, coach or artist and you have a huge mission to help facilitate the healing of this world and its people through your art and purpose work. 

You have probably been working on yourself, doing the inner work and personal development for some time now or maybe you are new to it in the spiritual context but you have long valued growth and evolution and continaully becoming the best version of yourself. 

My mission is to help you continue on that trajectory with some slight tweaks that will enable you have a bigger impact, create more wealth, freedom and love and feel more fulfilled in your life and business. 

I work deeply with kinesioloyg, NLP and embodiment to help clients uncover the subconsious patterns, emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that containing them and holding them in and help them to unleash the powerful force that lies within the human consciousness and potential field. 

In my work I have found that the single biggest factor influencing success, wealth and impact is the relationship between our consicous mind and unconscious mind. If our unconscious blueprint is not supportive to creating the magic that we consciously desire, it is nearly impossible to do what we intend. 

So in all of my offerings the golden thread is aligning your unconscious mind to your conscious desires and intentions. 

I believe deeply that we are all inherently wealthy and that abundance, joy and freedom are birthrights which we can access at any time, all we need to do is shift out the shit in the way! 

I invite you to journey with me in to the magical world of subconscious mindset rewiring and watch it totally transform your life and business. 

Here are my offerings to you my love, 

I look forward to helping you create the magic and impact you are destined for.

Xx Sari

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3 month wealth mastery intensive.

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1:1 holistic wealth mindset rewiring - kinesiology, NLP, embodiment.


embodied photography for the spiritual entrepreneur, healer and creative. 

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